Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Playing Hookey!

I mentioned yesterday that I am doing some crochet...
The truth is that I cannot lounge about doing nothing
even though I am "lounging about" for a valid reason!
it just feels wrong sitting doing nothing while I rest my body
but thankfully crochet has come to my rescue!
most of you will know I love colour, 
whether its the pretty delicate colours in a sweet card 
or in ya face primary's, I love colour! 
and the way colour combinations work together.
That's one of the reasons I love Stampin' Up!
their colour co-ordination is fabulous through inks, card, dsp, etc.

Well I have been playing hookey!
I have busy with my crochet hook and keeping myself happy
 with this fabulous array of coloured yarn by Stylecraft
I created this pastel rainbow star blanket...
I created the pattern myself, 
it's something I have been working on for some time,
the size of this blanket is 30" x 30" from star point to star point
which is ideal for a pram or baby car seat or even a crib or moses basket
I can make it a bigger but I wanted the edge to be purple! 
I will have to plan the next one working the colour combo
 back from the edge rather than from the centre outwards as I did here.
just a bit more planning with note taking before i dive in again.
I used my pattern to create a couple of star blankets in pink or blue stripes 
for newborn baby gifts, they had blocks of colour and looked stripey!
I just had to try this rainbow colour combination 
which changes colour on every row.
I think I will try a primary colour rainbow next but 
oh thats gonna be so bright!
perhaps I should make it as a lap blanket??
I spread the blanket on my settee but I need to retake the photo 
as the arm of the settee distorts the pic! (sorry)

I have to say I am very proud of this blanket, 
I love the way the colours really blended, that was such a delight 
after many attempts to get it right.
now I have decided to list it on Etsy and see what happens ,.
I am not sure if I have the price right? 
maybe a bit low for all the work I have done 
but just gonna try it out for now
I hope to write up the pattern and have that for sale in my Etsy shop too
but writing the pattern for others to follow is a very precise art
but hey its one I will master soon \o/
I have it all in my head but just gotta get it down on paper in an understandable way

let me know what you think
if nothing else, at least its something useful to do when I cant do much else!!!

here's the blue one I made for baby Matthew last year, 
I didnt do the ridges between the points on this one, I hadn't thought of it then LOL
but this inspired me to keep trying out the pattern untill I was happy with it

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Just to let you know

I have been struggling with some significant health issues.
I seem to have been catapulted into a season of pain and sleeplessness
I am hoping that this is just a season and a very temporary problem.
However the current health problems and distractions have made it 
impossible for me to concentrate on my card making and paper-crafting
some days I struggle to think clearly 
because of the pain and the effects of my medication.
Therefore, I have had to step back from my dream of being 
an active independent Stampin' Up business demonstrator
I am still registered as a demo right now 
but that's as a hobbyist, although I can still order products for anyone
but I will not be doing any business focused demonstrations classes or sales drives.

I really don't know right now what the future holds
I am still happy to help anyone with techniques or products etc
I absolutely love Stampin' Up products 
and have had immense fun making cards etc for classes etc 
and meeting new, lovely people
but I am not able to sit at my desk for any length of time 
without acute pain, and to be honest I am a bit stressed
so I am putting my feet up and crocheting until this situation changes
that might sound like I am giving up, but no
I am just taking control of a bad situation
and trying my best to be good to myself.

I am gonna be spending extra time with my husband and my family
enjoying the most precious treasures of my life
they make my heart sing

God bless you all xx