Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Playing Hookey!

I mentioned yesterday that I am doing some crochet...
The truth is that I cannot lounge about doing nothing
even though I am "lounging about" for a valid reason!
it just feels wrong sitting doing nothing while I rest my body
but thankfully crochet has come to my rescue!
most of you will know I love colour, 
whether its the pretty delicate colours in a sweet card 
or in ya face primary's, I love colour! 
and the way colour combinations work together.
That's one of the reasons I love Stampin' Up!
their colour co-ordination is fabulous through inks, card, dsp, etc.

Well I have been playing hookey!
I have busy with my crochet hook and keeping myself happy
 with this fabulous array of coloured yarn by Stylecraft
I created this pastel rainbow star blanket...
I created the pattern myself, 
it's something I have been working on for some time,
the size of this blanket is 30" x 30" from star point to star point
which is ideal for a pram or baby car seat or even a crib or moses basket
I can make it a bigger but I wanted the edge to be purple! 
I will have to plan the next one working the colour combo
 back from the edge rather than from the centre outwards as I did here.
just a bit more planning with note taking before i dive in again.
I used my pattern to create a couple of star blankets in pink or blue stripes 
for newborn baby gifts, they had blocks of colour and looked stripey!
I just had to try this rainbow colour combination 
which changes colour on every row.
I think I will try a primary colour rainbow next but 
oh thats gonna be so bright!
perhaps I should make it as a lap blanket??
I spread the blanket on my settee but I need to retake the photo 
as the arm of the settee distorts the pic! (sorry)

I have to say I am very proud of this blanket, 
I love the way the colours really blended, that was such a delight 
after many attempts to get it right.
now I have decided to list it on Etsy and see what happens ,.
I am not sure if I have the price right? 
maybe a bit low for all the work I have done 
but just gonna try it out for now
I hope to write up the pattern and have that for sale in my Etsy shop too
but writing the pattern for others to follow is a very precise art
but hey its one I will master soon \o/
I have it all in my head but just gotta get it down on paper in an understandable way

let me know what you think
if nothing else, at least its something useful to do when I cant do much else!!!

here's the blue one I made for baby Matthew last year, 
I didnt do the ridges between the points on this one, I hadn't thought of it then LOL
but this inspired me to keep trying out the pattern untill I was happy with it

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Just to let you know

I have been struggling with some significant health issues.
I seem to have been catapulted into a season of pain and sleeplessness
I am hoping that this is just a season and a very temporary problem.
However the current health problems and distractions have made it 
impossible for me to concentrate on my card making and paper-crafting
some days I struggle to think clearly 
because of the pain and the effects of my medication.
Therefore, I have had to step back from my dream of being 
an active independent Stampin' Up business demonstrator
I am still registered as a demo right now 
but that's as a hobbyist, although I can still order products for anyone
but I will not be doing any business focused demonstrations classes or sales drives.

I really don't know right now what the future holds
I am still happy to help anyone with techniques or products etc
I absolutely love Stampin' Up products 
and have had immense fun making cards etc for classes etc 
and meeting new, lovely people
but I am not able to sit at my desk for any length of time 
without acute pain, and to be honest I am a bit stressed
so I am putting my feet up and crocheting until this situation changes
that might sound like I am giving up, but no
I am just taking control of a bad situation
and trying my best to be good to myself.

I am gonna be spending extra time with my husband and my family
enjoying the most precious treasures of my life
they make my heart sing

God bless you all xx

Monday, 27 February 2017


unfortunately due to ill health 
I have had to cancel my Card & Cuppa classes at Mooch1 
which were being held every Monday! 
I am very sad and disappointed about this
but with the amount of pain I am experiencing 
and the serious lack of sleep it causes
 I just cannot function properly to do a good weekly class at this time

sorry for any inconvenience 

I hope to still do my card making buffet 
at Wigglesworths on the first Wednesday of every month

I continue to be an Independent Stampin Up Demonstrator
in fact making cards really helps me to relax 
and think of something or someone 
other than the pain I'm in
even if for just a short while!
it's still my fun fun fun thing to do!

My online shop is still open if you want to shop for Stampin' Up products
just use the link above on the right to browse the current catalogues 
or the my Stampin' Up shop button above
 if you need any help with Stampin' Up products
or general card making questions I would be very happy to help
just contact me (without obligation) for advice
by email at

thanks for dropping by xx

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

From Stress to Success

Do you remember I had posted about my first 
Card & Cuppa event at Mooch 1 in St Annes?
I was so excited about it
I had spent some time designing the initial card and I 
bought a lot of the tools & bits n bobs needed
like cutting mats rulers glue scissors pencils and some new stamps, dies and card for the first month of card kits needed for this event.
I love it when a plan comes together don't you?
 I was all packed up with the kits prepared 
and my full trolley tote on the back of my wheelchair. 
everything was ready for a successful day!

The weather was nice and sunny and not too cold. so I decided to go early and have lunch at Mooch1 before setting up!

I put my key in the lock of my front door to leave my flat
but the key sheered off in the lock
having no back door to my tiny flat meant that I was locked in, 
I was trapped!
Stress! Stress! Stress!... I had been so excited just minutes before, 
Now what was I gonna do?
I contacted my housing association, they said they would try their best to get a locksmith to me A.S.A.P. but he was 26 miles away in Leyland on another job he could be 2 or more hours!
so now the disappointment of having to miss my 
first Card & Cuppa class hit me hard 
I was overwhelmed with stress and very upset
but nothing could be done to change the situation.

I had to just get over it!

At 2pm the locksmith arrived, he fixed the lock in minutes 
then he changed the inside lock so I don't need a key to lock or 
unlock the door from the inside anymore \o/
Within minutes I received a phone call telling me that 2 ladies were waiting for the class, can I still do it?  I tried to calm down 
as I whizzed to St Annes square on my electric wheelchair
Finally, I got to the class an hour late, My card making friend Kath joined us and the class went ahead. PHEW! 

The 2 lovely ladies who had so patiently waited 
were both very new to card making 
we made this "Soft Sky and a Butterfly Card" 
Using my kits and a little instruction, they did really well.
They were both very pleased with their handmade creations. 
I was so pleased how the card kits had worked for them
as they had no cardmaking experience 
yet they produced lovely handmade cards.
My friend Kath who has been cardmaking for some years 
was pleased with her card too
which just confirms that the Card & Cuppa event is suitable
 for beginners and experienced card makers alike.
I totally de-stressed as I shared my love of cardmaking and felt quite relaxed as I simply got creative and did what I love doing
As the afternoon went on we all chatted away as if we had already met before. Wenjoyed a lovely friendly fun atmosphere which made the afternoon a time to get together and share the fun
just as much as a time to make cards.

After all that stress 
the first Card & Cuppa event
turned into a real success

The Card & Cuppa at Mooch 1will continue as a weekly event
every Monday starting at 1.30
just drop in & join us
no more boring dull Mondays LOL

in the near future my card making kits 
will be available to purchase online
as part of a stamp club
I just need to sort a couple of things first!
I will let you know when they are available
please email me for details

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Soft Sky and a Butterfly

Soft Sky and a Butterfly

It's been ages since I entered a card making challenge, 
I came across the Stamp Ink Paper Challenge this morning.
There challenge #84 is a "tic tac toe" challenge which ends on the 5th of February.
you can find the challenge by clicking here!
To use the Tic Tac Toe grid above 
you simply choose a line and use those elements on the challenge card
The top line of the grid shows "blue, embossing, sequins"
which fits fabulously with a card I have been designing
for my first Card & Cuppa event here in St. Annes
I love the colour combo of Soft Sky, Crumb Cake, and Whisper White
I wanted to use my new Butterfly Thinlits dies.
along with the butterfly stamp in the Butterfly Basics stamp set
Soft Sky is a pale blue colour, 3 sequins adorn the card 
the Square Lattice Embossing Folder 
was used to give texture to the pennant
so I have met the requirement for the challenge
all of these products are from Stampin' Up.

Can you see the stamped lace at the very bottom of my card?
look behind the strip of lacy trim
this was stamped using whisper white craft ink and
the delicate details set of stamps shown below.
This stamp set "Delicate Details" is from the 2017 Sale-a-brations catalogue
any of my customers can get this set free of charge
 ***YES FREE!!!***
when they spend £45 on Stampin' Up products
from any current catalogue or clearance rack
(not including postage charges)
for each further £45spend  there are other fab free items to choose from too!

If you really like this card and you live near Lytham St Annes, Lancashire, England
then the good news is that this card will feature in my
 Card & Cuppa event
at Mooch1 in Garden st St. Annes
drop in on Monday 13th of February
between 1.30 and 3.30 pm
to make this card and enjoy a nice cuppa 
for just £5
You will recieve a kit and the use of my stamps and equipment 
to complete this card
all the cutting and scoring is done 
and the sentiment can be changed if desired.

well that's my card for today 
 I am already thinking of some slight changes
like colour, embossing folder, sentiment and the square 
but hey that's what gives me such a buzz

 I am here to help
with any Stampin' Up product questions
or general card making tips techniques etc
without obligation

and of course if you would like a catalogue 
then please contact me

Sunday, 29 January 2017


Don't hate Mondays! join in the fun
I am so excited to anounce this weekly event...

This is gonna be fun fun fun
you will recieve a kit of pre-cut and pre-scored cardstock
 and patterned paper for the card design 
and you have the use of my rubber stamps and equipment
to complete your very own version of my card
each week the card design will be changed.

if you want to create a 2nd card without another cuppa 
that will cost just £2.50 per card

I have the capacity in the room at Mooch 1 
for 5 customers at any one time

see you soon I hope

Bee Happy Crafters Group!

I have some exciting crafty news...
I joined The Bee Happy Craft Group 
it's a knit and natter group which meets 
every Thursday morning  between 10am - 12noon
 at the "Wigglesworths" coffee shop in St Annes
I go with my crochet hook and help others to learn
the beginning steps of how to crochet
other ladies bring there knitting etc and share knitting tips.
I find it very rewarding to get out and meet new folk every week 
while enjoying a cuppa and a chat.
 and my own crochet project has grown so quickly!

As a group we recognised there are lots of folk 
with nothing to do, bored or lonely! 
who would love to get out and chat 
Theres other folk with very crafty skills who could share there craft too!

Therefore, every first Wednesday of the month starting on 
Wednesday 1st of February from 6.30pm ~ 8.30pm
we will be holding The Bee Crafty Evening at Wigglesworths.
I will take my cardmaking kits and equipment
to hold a "Card Buffet"
there will be baskets with the kit and equipment required 
to make the card of your choice
participants will take the basket open the kit 
follow the instructions and make a handmade card
enjoying the fun of making handmade cards
while getting together and enjoying an evening out!
there will be other crafty folk there too, 
there will be a selection of crafts to try each month
like jewellery making, sewing, felting, colouring, beading, etc
and lots more as we get established we will find more crafts to try!
there will be something for everyone

The Bee Crafty evening will cost 50p to enter,
then you choose what craft you want try 
and pay the individual crafter for the item you are making
for example:-
to make one of my cards will cost just £2.50 per card
I will give you all the help you need
so absolute beginners are welcome

The fab thing is that if you are thinking of taking up a new craft
you can try it out quite cheaply
instead of buying equipment and realising that craft is not really for you!

we have a facebook group called the Bee Happy knitters, crochet and craft group
so come and join us, its far better than being stuck in front of the TV
and you will meet new people too
we are a very friendly bunch!