Monday, 11 May 2015

I thought I would just share a few photo's of my little trip out last Sunday. we had a wonderful time at church and felt we wanted to go out somewhere afterwards but not too far so we went home got a snack and a drink and our doggy "Lulu" then made our way to Scorton. Usually we spend a lot of time at the Barn in Scorton where we have a bite to eat and a browse around all the gifts and the garden plants but this time we went straight to the picnic area a little further on, we had a fabulous time out in the country with the sweet aroma from the bluebells...
some other flowers in the woods...
not sure what this yellow flower is below but it was very bright
 and the freedom my mobility scooter gave me (wasnt easy on the gravel paths at times) its nice to be silly sometimes especially when theres a little hill to scoot down LOL!
we felt so chilled out it was nice to just relax and enjoy each 
others company out in the woodlands
Lulu had a lovely time too,
she wanted the birds but they were too fast and high up lol
Then when we sat on some logs to have our snack she started digging. She could smell a rodent or two! she loved digging but didnt like that as soon as we returned home she had to have a bath 
My Kev always pulls faces when I want a nice photo! but this one turned out ok and below is the river which runs alongside the path. the water was quite a lot higher than our last visit
The only thing I regret was not taking my camera so all these photo's were taken using our phone camera's but we still got some nice photo's
after such a good time we did go to the Barn before it closed and enjoyed one of their speciality ice creams, 
a perfect end to a lovely day out

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  1. You got some great photos there, looks like a beautiful venture out!


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