Thursday, 22 September 2016


hello friends
This week has been a blahhh week. One of those weeks where I just dont feel up to the mark healthwise. I had more laser eye surgery on Tuesday which I have to admit really hurt this time, and I am still a bit sore (thats unusual though!) I just cannot cope with the bright light he shines into my eye to line up his next load of zapps.  It was mentioned that he will probably inject my eye to freeze it next time....GASP.... the very thought of that makes me wanna run off somewhere till its all done! I'm struggling with a sore throat n tongue too so not going out today as planned.
Talking of plans.....I am busy today working on ideas for my first video tutorial. I hope to be posting it up to Youtube and here on my blog by next Thursday, well thats the plan! It's quite nerve wracking getting the first one done.
I am sure I will feel a lot more confident when I have done 3 or 4! I have heard it said that the first step into anything is usually the biggest! and another quote I have heard is...failing to plan is planning to fail! so with that in mind I'm planning lol
One great thing has happened this week which has really made me concrete ramp has been built so that I have good independant access to my home!!!

Therefore, I dont need to have massive amounts of strength or someone else to get my wheelchair in or out, and thats gonna make a big difference to me.
I just have to wait untill the railings have been made and fitted for it to be complete but it is usable now yay \o/ and just in time for the winter :o)

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