Tuesday, 14 February 2017

From Stress to Success

Do you remember I had posted about my first 
Card & Cuppa event at Mooch 1 in St Annes?
I was so excited about it
I had spent some time designing the initial card and I 
bought a lot of the tools & bits n bobs needed
like cutting mats rulers glue scissors pencils and some new stamps, dies and card for the first month of card kits needed for this event.
I love it when a plan comes together don't you?
 I was all packed up with the kits prepared 
and my full trolley tote on the back of my wheelchair. 
everything was ready for a successful day!

The weather was nice and sunny and not too cold. so I decided to go early and have lunch at Mooch1 before setting up!

I put my key in the lock of my front door to leave my flat
but the key sheered off in the lock
having no back door to my tiny flat meant that I was locked in, 
I was trapped!
Stress! Stress! Stress!... I had been so excited just minutes before, 
Now what was I gonna do?
I contacted my housing association, they said they would try their best to get a locksmith to me A.S.A.P. but he was 26 miles away in Leyland on another job he could be 2 or more hours!
so now the disappointment of having to miss my 
first Card & Cuppa class hit me hard 
I was overwhelmed with stress and very upset
but nothing could be done to change the situation.

I had to just get over it!

At 2pm the locksmith arrived, he fixed the lock in minutes 
then he changed the inside lock so I don't need a key to lock or 
unlock the door from the inside anymore \o/
Within minutes I received a phone call telling me that 2 ladies were waiting for the class, can I still do it?  I tried to calm down 
as I whizzed to St Annes square on my electric wheelchair
Finally, I got to the class an hour late, My card making friend Kath joined us and the class went ahead. PHEW! 

The 2 lovely ladies who had so patiently waited 
were both very new to card making 
we made this "Soft Sky and a Butterfly Card" 
Using my kits and a little instruction, they did really well.
They were both very pleased with their handmade creations. 
I was so pleased how the card kits had worked for them
as they had no cardmaking experience 
yet they produced lovely handmade cards.
My friend Kath who has been cardmaking for some years 
was pleased with her card too
which just confirms that the Card & Cuppa event is suitable
 for beginners and experienced card makers alike.
I totally de-stressed as I shared my love of cardmaking and felt quite relaxed as I simply got creative and did what I love doing
As the afternoon went on we all chatted away as if we had already met before. Wenjoyed a lovely friendly fun atmosphere which made the afternoon a time to get together and share the fun
just as much as a time to make cards.

After all that stress 
the first Card & Cuppa event
turned into a real success

The Card & Cuppa at Mooch 1will continue as a weekly event
every Monday starting at 1.30
just drop in & join us
no more boring dull Mondays LOL

in the near future my card making kits 
will be available to purchase online
as part of a stamp club
I just need to sort a couple of things first!
I will let you know when they are available
please email me for details


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  1. I do like a story with a happy ending! I'm so pleased it all turned out right in the end! ☺


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