Sunday, 29 January 2017

Bee Happy Crafters Group!

I have some exciting crafty news...
I joined The Bee Happy Craft Group 
it's a knit and natter group which meets 
every Thursday morning  between 10am - 12noon
 at the "Wigglesworths" coffee shop in St Annes
I go with my crochet hook and help others to learn
the beginning steps of how to crochet
other ladies bring there knitting etc and share knitting tips.
I find it very rewarding to get out and meet new folk every week 
while enjoying a cuppa and a chat.
 and my own crochet project has grown so quickly!

As a group we recognised there are lots of folk 
with nothing to do, bored or lonely! 
who would love to get out and chat 
Theres other folk with very crafty skills who could share there craft too!

Therefore, every first Wednesday of the month starting on 
Wednesday 1st of February from 6.30pm ~ 8.30pm
we will be holding The Bee Crafty Evening at Wigglesworths.
I will take my cardmaking kits and equipment
to hold a "Card Buffet"
there will be baskets with the kit and equipment required 
to make the card of your choice
participants will take the basket open the kit 
follow the instructions and make a handmade card
enjoying the fun of making handmade cards
while getting together and enjoying an evening out!
there will be other crafty folk there too, 
there will be a selection of crafts to try each month
like jewellery making, sewing, felting, colouring, beading, etc
and lots more as we get established we will find more crafts to try!
there will be something for everyone

The Bee Crafty evening will cost 50p to enter,
then you choose what craft you want try 
and pay the individual crafter for the item you are making
for example:-
to make one of my cards will cost just £2.50 per card
I will give you all the help you need
so absolute beginners are welcome

The fab thing is that if you are thinking of taking up a new craft
you can try it out quite cheaply
instead of buying equipment and realising that craft is not really for you!

we have a facebook group called the Bee Happy knitters, crochet and craft group
so come and join us, its far better than being stuck in front of the TV
and you will meet new people too
we are a very friendly bunch!

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