Saturday, 30 August 2014

The Loves of My Life

This blog is primarily about everything I love!! that may sound a little soppy but guess what I am me and can't / won't change who I am! My God, my family, friends my dog Lulu and my creativity are the closest to my heart and I love them all.
BUT who am I ? well I am a Christian, 25 years ago I responded to the preaching of Billy Graham and surrendered my life to God. that sounds dramatic, to be honest it was!! Looking back I can see how God was calling me to follow Him, but I was kinda deaf and distracted. but when I finally turned to God it was a life changing experience and still is! I can't imagine coping with life without my God now.
I am Kevin's wife ;o) he is my second husband. My first hubby Tom died after 20 years of marriage back in 2002, I said I would never marry again but God sent my Kev into my life after a time of being single again I moved to Lytham St Annes and took up a new career and a new life.  I met my Kev in 2006 and married him the following year. We have been married for over 7 years now, our relationship has been tried and tested. Believe me it's not easy marrying for the second time around, but we are solid. The saying goes if it don't kill you it will make you stronger!!! well by Gods grace and love we are stronger than ever having faced some very hard times together with ill health, redundancy, to name just two. but I am grateful to have a husband who loves and cares for me my kev makes me laugh so much his humour is a real gift..
If anyone should ask me what my greatest achievement is? then I would very quickly say my son Matthew, The pregnancy and giving birth yes but learning how to be a mother and managing to raise such a lovely lad too. When I look at him I am amazed, he is the most fantastic son I could ever want. I am so proud of my Matthew he is 30 now and has a son of his own. He is my delight, he is kind considerate and gentle even though he is 6'4" and can handle himself.  I sometimes get overwhelmed with maternal love for him. I never expected to feel that intensity of love, in fact I didn't think it was possible for me to love anyone like I love my son.

Then in October 2003 I was overjoyed to become a grandmother Matthew and Michaela became parents to Ethan, wow what a roller-coaster being a Nanna has been. he was born with many problems, he has been diagnosed with Charge Syndrome and more recently with Asphergers Syndrome too. We were told he may be deaf, blind and may never walk. he had many defects in his body but oh my life he is an awesome boy he has struggled and soldiered through proving them all so wrong. He is very clever as most children with Asphergers Syndrome are and Ethan is his Nanna's treasure box!!!
Ethan is a big lad for his age and he has a very big heart, if he loves you, then he loves you with all that he is, he tells me he loves me a lot which just melts me, he thinks the sun shines from my butt. we have a very strong bond and oh boy I love him so.

As I have been writing this post I have been thinking through my many blessings. God has been so good to me. I have had some very close friends at different stages in my life and even now He has given me friends who will stand close by me through thick n thin. I am so blessed to know I am not alone but have some very deep relationships. Love is such an over used word it's kinda lost some meaning, the bible says in proverbs 18:24 that "there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother"  yes that's s right, I know with all my heart that this is's easy to say you love someone but my friends put this word into action daily.

I also want to speak about my love of creativity but that's another long post as it has been a real journey for me so I will come back again in a day or two and tell you all about it

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