Thursday, 4 September 2014

My Creative Journey

I mentioned in my last post that I would share about my creativity...
well it's been quite a long journey and I am still not "There Yet"! My creativity has been kind of an evolving thing. My grandmother showed me how to sew and embroider when I was in junior school. My mother was an artist, she painted in oils she was also an expert at crochet. I learned to crochet myself in my mid teens, I always loved art but found it much easier to colour in than to draw so when I stumbled upon the world of rubber stamping in 1996 I was overwhelmed with the joy of being able to create handmade cards that folk wanted to buy. I started doing craft stalls and parties where folk could order exactly what they wanted in a card with personalisation. My mother bought me loads of stamps and helped with the fortnightly stall, she loved it. I learnt a lot of techniques with inks and stamping. my mother died in 1999 and my husband in 2002 and life took me into a different direction. I couldn't face doing craft fares anymore without my mother. and grief put a stop to my creativity. this psx fuschia stamp was my mothers favourite
I moved to Lytham St Annes from Dudley in the West Midlands in 2004. God had given me a brand new start in life. A new home, a new ministry and a new church which came with a lot of new friends a lot of which were fellow crafters! I worked as a manager of a Christian bookshop. I loved this ministry but as it started to decline (as with many Christian bookshops the internet had become it's downfall) and then closed. I became seriously ill with anxiety and depression. While I was in recovery which was a slow proscess I started papercrafting again, and trying out new things. I was now a grandmother to Ethan and found scrapbooking really inspired me to get creative with my grandsons photo's. I have learnt many more techniques, bought a big shot and later a Cricut and enjoyed all manner of papercrafting, I was back into my creative groove but for fun and not to raise money.  Over the years I have added to my collection of rubber stamps, inks, dies, embossing folders, I have recently bought a Silhouette Cameo which has been put to some good use to create papercrafted scripture gifts for our local outreaches and missions to Romania.
Well that brings me to today.
I still have some goals which I want to achieve....I want to teach my church friends the art of scrapbooking as many have asked for lessons I would love to start up a faithbooking group too. I have many projects swimming around in my head which are on a sort of revolving must make list! I would also love to get some experience in art journaling. and I have seen some awesome canvas creations I would like to have a go at as well as getting the most out of the stash and equipment I already have. I want to join a crop of experienced scrapbookers so that I can stretch my skills even more and get more inspiration to scrapbook again as its something I haven't done for a while. so that's some of my creative journey, I am always on the look out for new projects but more than anything I want to be in my creative groove daily. I get such a buzz such a perfect sense of one-ness with God when I am happily creating something, it just kinda makes my heart sing and the world suddenly becomes a pretty awesome and inspiring place to be. everyone has a sweet spot I believe, and creativity is mine.

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