Tuesday, 16 December 2014

My Handmade Christmas Cards...GASP!

That's it! I have made my decision!! next year will be different!!!

Because of my restricting disability I got most of my shopping done early this year for Christmas! I went into panic mode in November and did a lot of online shopping which was very pleasing. Then on my better days when I felt I had the energy and Kev with me we went shopping together and happily by the beginning of December it was all done and dusted which is an absolute first for me. Trouble is that put other things out of sync as my focus was on the presents! so here I am on the 16th of December with only 5 handmade Christmas cards completed. I am not stressed this year about the prezzies but I am stressed about the cards. As I am quite a good card maker everyone expects a really nice card from me and this year I just cannot do that for everyone as I am not feeling very well either. Therefore I have had to bite the bullet and commit to only making handmade cards for a few of my many friends and church family. I have actually bought two packs of shop Christmas cards !!!GASP!!! the truth is I spent more time thinking about them and viewing Pinterest than getting down to doing them, oh dear!
BUT next year will be different! I have decided to make 4 Christmas cards per month so that when the time comes I should already have at least 40 cards made plus any more I make as a batch in October / November. Maybe I will join one of those card challenges especially for Christmas. have any of you done that? did it motivate you?
I don't make new years resolutions as they always get broken I make a kinda bucket list instead and this is definitely going on it for 2015!
not sure how much blogging will get done over this next 3 weeks but I do wish you all a very happy and blessed Christmas and New Year.
Sending special thanks and Christmas wish of peace to all my followers xxx

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  1. ah bless you hun, I know so many people under 'stress' trying to get things done I've told them to chill and relax, do what you can and don't worry about what you can't! I too have been running a bucket list through Autumn and then in December for all the Christmas things were are trying to do, I'll be doing the same for Spring it gives a really positive focus which I love and I might do myself a craft to do list too! Just because I can! I always make my cards in January, there is nothing quite so wonderful as not being under stress to make them if I'm honest!


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