Monday, 8 December 2014

hello everyone
I'm just popping in to day hello and to say sorry for being AWOl !
My card making and challenge entering had to stop for a while as I used my time to help with some craft projects at church, Firstly I made some star decorations for an event, then as the the church Christmas meal was being organised I volunteered to create 70 place names and 7 table names!
I wanted to do a good job as this is the first Christmas meal in our new building, previously we had gone to a local hotel for our Christmas fellowship meal but this year is extra special.
well it's taken me a lot longer than expected, I am not as quick as I used to be but to be fair there was a lot of work it was like doing a wedding! I have to say I am blessed to be able to do it for the church, a lot of folk have prayed me through my illness and encouraged me and Kev when we were so in need of help they were all there for us and now its time to give a little something back. I will pop back at the end of the week with photo's of thesename places and maybe even some photo's of the meal too, I am so looking forward to this blessed time of fellowship together.
now although I have most of the prezzies sorted for Christmas I still have loads to do, can you believe I have only created 2 cards so far? GASP!! think I need to get a move on LOL

see ya soon

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