Wednesday, 5 August 2015


It's The Blackpool Air Show this weekend and I am so excited....
its not because of the airplanes not even the unforgettable Red Arrows display or the Wing-Walkers (although they are awesome).
It's not because of the Blackpool seaside resort (I only live  down the road in the next town!) the reason I am so excited is because the family are coming again \o/ wahoooo 2 visits within less than 2 months that is a real record. Once a year my family usually come to visit and we all have a seaside weekend together, Ethan, my grandson loves it here,  Blackpool tower, the piers and especially the trams. We have a unspoken rule that Ethan gets a tram ride every time they visit!
This year has been special and I am so grateful for that! I feel a lot closer to my family, we have spent a lot more time together this year which has been a deep desire of my heart.

So here they come travelling north up the M6 in the morning! hope watch this space for the photos after this weekend

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