Friday, 24 October 2014

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer

I've been trawling Pinterest over the last couple of days to find some crafty makes I can have a go at for Christmas, One of my favourites was this cute little bag of reindeer noses. Rudolph was made with the Stampin' Up owl punch which just happens to be on order along with the bird builder punch! 
I'm thinking it would be fun to make some of these up to give alongside other gifts. I found them on Pinterest but can't link to the actual website so here's the link on Pinterest HERE
The brown noses are obviously maltesers but what about the red ones? where do I get them from? what are they? any suggestions?
This was the other design I found using the same punch but these are obviously a different sweetie.
I found this version HERE.....I think I will have to go into one of those old fashioned sweet shops! We have one in St Annes but I have never been in that shop yet as I would have to bring back some samples to taste LOL.
And finally I found this cute version, I love the re-wrapped little chocolates, its a great way to use up scraps of patterned paper and it looks fabulous, very designer I think! I found this item HERE
I just can't wait to get my owl punch from Stampin Up, I have made a board especially for it on Pinterest as there are loads of other crafty ways to use the punch.....from penguins to monsters, pirate owls to Winnie the pooh and then tiny little baby dresses etc etc. the more I look through the internet especially Pinterest, the more I am amazed at how clever paper-crafters really are, what a wonderful thing an imaginative inspired mind is!!

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