Thursday, 16 October 2014

Super Pup Digi stamp by Tiddly Inks

WOW I just fell in love with a digi-stamp. I love my rubber stamps and the feel of using them, I don't usually buy digi-stamps unless they are something special, but this one is super special!
Not many of you will know that I am the proud owner (and mommy) of a beautiful West Highland White Terrier, she is our joy and we love her to bits, here she is a couple of years ago above.
and here she is a couple of weeks ago on a very windy day! she never seems to look at the camera with her ears up, I think she enjoys being difficult just for fun, she has loads of character.
well here's the digi-stamp I have found at Tiddly Inks, is this cute or what? its titled "Super Pup"
there are other images featuring the same cute doggy, I think I will have to get them all. But this one is just perfect for my grandsons birthday card... Ethan kinda believes we talk to each other (me n Lulu),he asks me what she just said LOL he loves her to bits and is always asking about her when we talk on the phone. I will blog again with the finished card tomorrow I thik he will love it!

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  1. Ah they are gorgeous photos of you and I love the digi stamp!


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