Monday, 23 February 2015

Decopatch Table Makeover YAY

My Kev and I went out for a while on Saturday into Blackpool town centre. We were looking in 2nd hand / charity shops for a mirror and a coffee table which I could makeover. We found this coffee table below and paid £10 for it. I had originally wanted a round table but we both liked the look of this one and its price !
I could easily have just painted this tabletop to blend in with my monochromatic colour scheme. It would have looked good but I have been craving to have a really crafty piece of furniture which is kinda unique. I had done Decopatch before at a friends house a couple of years ago on a wooden "LOVE word but never given Decopatch a go on furniture before. I had seen lots of lovely inspiration on Pinterest so just had to give it go!
I went shopping at Hobbycraft on Sunday and found these 2 Decopatch paper packs
This first grey one is described as small flowers but it looks more like leaves, it is a much paler grey than it looks in the pack
I love the lacy look and the pretty roses of this black and white paper pack but it would have been too much to have this one design all over the tabletop
I am honestly gobsmacked at the results of my first furniture Decopatch makeover, its turned out far better than I had imagined.
I haven't bought the clear varnish to finish it off yet but couldn't wait to reveal my newest masterpiece.......tadaaaaahhh....
what do you think? I love it and the good news is that Kev loves it too YAY.  The silver coloured metal frame is in perfect condition I had already bought some black metal paint for it but now I am not sure if I will use it or not! Kev likes it as it is but I wanted to match it to a black metal side table so if we do change it I will add more photos to this post.
thanks for looking, please let me know what you think ;o)

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  1. Oh wow. Chant wait to see it in real life. Too clever you are.


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