Sunday, 7 September 2014

Bringing Back The Scrapbooking

I have been thinking a lot about my love of paper crafts. I want to learn more, experience more but also mature more in what I know already. I used to love scrapbooking but kinda stopped doing it! Work and other stuff got in the way and then the crop I used to go to now n then no longer exists as the shop closed down due to retirement. I have still been interested but not actually done any layouts
I have been looking at scrapbooking a lot on Pinterest. I love Pinterest but oh boy I get so engrossed in it! Before I know it I have spent hours pinning and falling in love with layouts and pictures of babies etc etc oh yes and the awesome papers available now there's loads of techniques I have never tried but I really want to get back into the flow scrapbooking.

When Kev and I went out yesterday we bought a new camera ready for our holidays with the family. We bought a Sony Cybershot DSC H300. Wow, I love it, and it does so much more than our old camera too. I am gonna spend time this week looking at the different features of the camera and getting familiar with it so that I can get used to it and hopefully use it to it's best potential.
I'm looking forward to checking out it's panoramic 360 degree feature and later on it's close up setting for taking photo's of my cards and flowers etc. I feel I am ready now and really want get back into scrapbooking again now. I'm gonna start off with some photo's from our family holidays which is really quite soon. (so excited). This one is of Lytham Windmill, just a couple of miles away...
 The next step is to find a nice friendly crop to join, or perhaps some classes??? trouble is, I would love to join a crop during the week not on a saturday, I dont see enough of Kev already so don't wanna give up our saturdays together!
I've been looking at some of my layouts, I wish I could be less critical sometimes!
these two (above and below) are a double page spread, 
that particular challenge called for 5 question marks and some lace!

another double page spread with journalling underneath the main picture as follows...

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