Sunday, 28 September 2014

Clever Couple!

As I have been trying to get back into scrapbooking I thought it would be a good idea to get back on the UKScrappers forum, I rejoined then I was invited to join the group entitled The Juicy Journallers who are part of the Red Ribbons house, I am getting acquainted with the members who have warmly welcomed me. I am excited about being a member of the group but hope I don't let them down.
The weekly challenge on UKScrappers this week asked us to make a page with a white background, with at least 4 bright colours and with an alliterative title . So I have managed to collect 30 points for my first 2014 layout and I am really pleased, The flowers were cut using my Silhouette Cameo.
I wanted to make a start on my holiday photo's but I also want to scrap honestly...
When I say that I mean that it would be so easy to paint such a perfect happy nothing ever goes wrong deliriously sweetly nice page, but that's not the real picture of my life or anyone else's if they are honest!     (The title was created and cut using my Silhouette Cameo)
Before we went on holiday we were both so stressed over a myriad of things. When we're stressed we really don't communicate very well and that stress along with the lack of communication really rocked our relationship. Lets just say the holiday came at exactly the right time!
I thought about the title, it nearly became Flamborough Fun but Clever Couple was what I chose in the end. I thought a lot about where we were at as a couple before the holiday and the total de-stress that the holiday brought. The journalling explains the title "Clever Couple"  it says..."Clever Couples are not those who never argue or fall out! Clever Couples know to forgive freely, to move on, to believe for the best, to smile knowing that tomorrow is another day. After all they are in love!

Just in case you haven't spotted them...the 4+ colours are orange, mid blue, pastel green, rusty red, yellow, black and white as requested. I am more of a pastel one side of the colour wheel pretty paper sort of scrapper so this is not really my style at all and far too bright, but I am pleased with this first layout in a long time. thank You UKS for the challenge!

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