Thursday, 6 October 2016

Crochet Star Baby Blanket

I found a star blanket pattern online which was for a 12 point star blanket
it wasnt long before I realised the pattern wasnt working for me
the work in progress was bunching up and wouldnt lay flat
i didn't like it
I really wanted to make a star blanket for a baby boy who is due any day now
the solution was to design my own 8 point blanket which turned out quite pleasing....
After creating this I decided to start another for my granddaughter Thea
this time I created it with a ridge which kinda defines the pattern more
I am liking this one even more, cant wait to show you when it's done.
and see our Thea trying it out!
I will be writing up the pattern soon
when I finish the pink blanket for our Thea
the pattern will be available in my Etsy store in November

let me know what you think, its still a work in progress!

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