Monday, 13 June 2016

Busy Busy Busy

I have been a busy lady, honestly! but I don't have much to show you for it! I have been busy thinking a lot! firstly I have been thinking of the many opportunities I have in front of me in this Stampin' Up journey. Which way should I go first? I feel like I am on a beautiful island, I really want to explore every inch....but which way first?

Well the first stage so far has meant that I have been doing a lot of setting up. I have signed up and recieved my starter kit LOVELY STUFF;o) I have done a lot work on the computer creating my Stampin' Up store and a facebook page especially for my Stampin' Up store news! creating links etc and now a lot more thinking! Now I need to make a couple of decisions on which way to go next on this lovely journey and hope I take the right route.

But I also need to make cards to show my lovely stuff off! and inspire others to get creative too! so I am hoping to have something to show you before the end of tomorrow or sooner!

I am signing up someone today I think she only wants to take advantage of the great deal and enjoy her craft as a hobby and thats totally ok, but because she is signing up before the end of June she can choose 2 free stamp sets as a special bonus deal YAY how good is that? hopefully she is just the first team member of many?
if you want to take advantage of this great Stampin Up deal then please get in touch with me and I will let you know how to get your 2 free stamp sets BUT please remember you need to do it before the end of June!

I'll be back soon with my latest make!

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