Thursday, 9 June 2016

Thank You Stampin' Up

It's Arrived! My Stampin' Up starter kit arrived this afternoon via UPS. I am so pleased with it. I didnt know that the Guy Greetings stamp set I mentioned in an earlier post is a 2 of 2 thick box set! I'm gonna show all the details in a later post as all I wanna do is get on and use my new stash.
I look at the items spread out on my settee and think WOW this is the very beginning of something so good and what a great deal I had too
Just realized that the flower builder stamp set is upside down! that's what excitement does to me \o/
I ordered 2 stamp and punch bundles so got an extra 15% off what I would have paid if I bought them separately so I really am in a win win situation even if for some reason I don't go ahead and be a demonstrator I have had a fabulous deal and I love saving money!
The next step is for my shop and website to go live on Saturday. I will tweek it to my liking. I have been doing a lot of planning and computer work this week, I wanna get it right straight away so that I can spend more time creating! .... Exciting Times!

Remember if you would like to get in on this fabulous June 2016 deal I can help you. if you already buy Stampin' Up products anyway it can be a win win situation for you too!myou don't need to start a demonstrating business you can just buy for your own hobby! start off as a hobbyist and if it doesn't work for you then you have still got a great deal and saved money! but if it does work you can do exactly what I am doing and make plans to demonstrate and grow a customer base and team! you just go at your own pace as long as you meet a certain sales/order levels per quarter and its not a massive amount to achieve!

If you just want to order from the Stampin' Up website in smaller amounts and don't already have a demonstrator then I would love your business! and would really value you as one of my first customers.
contact me for more detail or comment below and I will contact you!

Have fun seriously have lots of fun
see ya later

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