Friday, 3 June 2016

My New Blog Makeover!

Well here it is the new look for my blog, Facebook and Etsy shop. I bought the digital package of headers and avatars for my Etsy shop and Facebook page so I thought I might make it fit my blog too. The digital package was blank and I used picmonkey to edit them all adding my name and details. This new black and white theme with the wooden shabby panels took my fancy LOL and I like the flowers too it reminded me of my Stampin Up stamp of a wooden block! I admit it looks a little stark but I am still playing around with other elements of the blog page to add a little bit of a blush colour. I really wish the header I have made would go all across the page but try as I might I just cant get it to do so even though its on a cross page section of the layout, oh well I will get it right eventually but I have to say that I am quite pleased with how it looks already! what do you think? I am even more pleased with the Facebook and Etsy revamp, looks quite professional!
I'm having more laser eye surgery later on today, I have stayed awake far too long but I have to get things done while I am so inspired! so its good night or should I say good morning....have a good day, I can hear the birds singing outside now! a good start to any day!!!

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